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Visual Design + Interactive Motion



Motion Graphics & Animation
Interactive Interface Design
Digital Graphics
Video Editing



Interactive audio-visual Interfaces
Wearable Electronics
Wireless communication



Mapping movement to Video & Sound with Kinect
Motion graphics / Broadcast design
Graphic Design


Sofia Paraskeva | Bio

Sofia Paraskeva is an artist who explores sound and visuals in the context of leading edge technology. Using tools such as MAX/MSP/Jitter she designs visual and aural narratives for interactive installations and performance. She is a concept creator, a visual effects designer and a natural video editor. Her work spans across interactive art, visual design, motion graphics, and experimental video and sound. She is a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Master’s program at New York University. Her interactive installation Rainbow Resonance, a computer vision musical interface, has been presented at Queens Museum of Art, the Mind’s Eye program at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the New York Hall of Science, Harvestworks and Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. Paraskeva has been teaching workshops and classes on her interactive art technology.


Sofia Paraskeva

Sofia Paraskeva

Interactive Media Designer

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Engaging Participators


Engaging Participators

In the age of ubiquitous computing, natural user interfaces are deployed to enhance and expand the human experience in retail environments, education and art. Technology is used to create captivating, memorable user experiences in order to communicate a message. A simple on-site installation can produce an engaging play of sound and visuals instigated by the participator’s body movement.


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Mapping Movement to Video and Sound with Max/MSP and the Kinect

This workshop/class focuses on mapping movement to parameters of video and audio effects. Using 2D data from Max/MSP/ jitter and the cv.jit library and 3D data captured from the Kinect with Synapse, body movement is mapped to interactive video effects and sound. This class is for video and installation artists, musicians, dancers and others who are interested in creating video or audio effects using the movement of the body

Digital Graphics

Broadcast Design

Digital Effects and Compositing for Video

Dataflow Programming: Pure Data

Public Speaking


Metropolitan Museum of Art, Multimodal Approaches to Learning Conference, 26-27 October, 2012
LISA (Leaders in Software and Art) Salon, January 8, 2014
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Mind’s Eye Program, March 4, 2013
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Mind’s Eye Program, June 4, 2012

Interactive Installations

Performance / Exhibitions

Rainbow Resonance

A computer vision interactive installation that generates visuals and the equivalent sound frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum according to the motion of the human body

The Sound and Touch of Ether’s Flux

Interactive algorithmic music interface generated spontaneously through motion
detected by a camera sensor and a wireless sensor glove controller, in collaboration with Joshua B. Mailman. Performances include:

  • Volumetric Society: Media Circus, La Mama Experimental Theater Club, CultureHub, New York, November 24, 2012
  • Mind and Invention: Creativity at the Intersection of Music and Computation, College of New Jersey, March 30, 2012
  • Sound, Music and the Moving-Thinking Body conference, University of London, April 19, 2012
  • Music: Cognition, Technology, Society, Cornell University, May 11, 2012


Audio-visual Interactive Dance Performance involving motion tracking and
a wearable glove sensors interface at New York Public Library, Hamilton Fish Park, Op On Screen Interactive, October 22, 2009

Aural Aura

Interactive performance using computer vision and wireless bodysuit sensors to visualize and sonify Chi Kung meditation exercises, 2009-2016

Light Identity

Computer vision light installation using robotic mirror to reflect multiple projections of a body in motion, exploring individual identity and the fragmented self, ITP, 2007


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