Motion Glove
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Motion Glove

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    Interactive Interface Design

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The musical glove is a wireless musical instrument, which produces sounds and visuals triggered by sensors. The glove interface wirelessly communicates with software developed in MAX/MSP and/or Pure Data to produce a series of sounds and visual effects.

The current sensor glove uses soft switches (made with conductive fabric), force sensing resistors (pressure sensors), soft potentiometers and flex sensors. The motion glove has been used in conjunction with camera motion tracking to design natural user interfaces which dynamically affect sound and visuals.

The projects Fluxations, developed in collaboration with Joshua B. Mailman, the interactive dance performance Trickster, and Aural Aura are such examples.

The motion glove was part of a performance with the band Machine 475 at the Gulu-Gulu Cafe in Salem, Massachusetts in 2009.


Musical Glove, 2012