The Trickster
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The Trickster

Op On Screen Interactive 2009

New York Public Library, Hamilton Fish Park

  • Our Role:

    Interactive Interface Designer

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The Trickster is a collaborative sound and interactive installation with choreography by Khoi Bao Le and visual interactivity by Sofia Paraskeva. This performance is an offshoot from Elodie Lauten’s new work The Two-Cents Opera, involving interactivity between movement, music, and image projections triggered by dance and a sensor data glove.

A playful character performed by Khoi Bao Le (a young choreographer from Viet Nam in training at Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance), unexpectedly triggers sounds from his own movement and costume details, while his image is projected on screen.

Within a sound environment of pre-recorded electro-acoustic music by Elodie Lauten, the performer initiates with his movement a new layer of interactive sound samples in an improvisational framework programmed in MAX/MSP by Sofia Paraskeva.


Trickster 1, Khoi Bao Le performing for The Trickster, New York Public Library, Hamilton Fish Park, Op On Screen Interactive, October 22, 2009

Trickster 2

Trickster 3

Trickster 4

Trickster 5

Trickster 8, Elodie Lauten, Khoi Bao Le, and Sofia Paraskeva working together for The Trickster performance at Op On Screen Interactive, October 2009